Bali 3 Seater Suite

Desser Bali Large Suite

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Quick Overview

New this year, the Bali range is set to be a best seller with its sturdy double frames, yet compact size for those smaller areas. Available in any of the 38 fabrics, you can customise your Bali suite to make a beautiful addition to whichever room you choose to relax in. 3 Seater Sofa + 2 Armchairs

Bali 3 Seater Sofa + 2 Armchairs - Conservatory Furniture

by Desser & Company

New this year, the Bali range is set to be a best seller with its sturdy double frames, yet compact size for those smaller areas.

Available in any of the 38 fabrics, you can customise your Bali suite to make a beautiful addition to whichever room you choose to relax in.

Shown in Flora (Grade B fabric).

  • UK manufactured cushions
  • Handmade frames
  • 1 year warranty
  • Sustainable
  • Pirelli webbed bases
Armchair 108cm 63cm 90cm
3-Seater Sofa 108cm 161cm 90cm

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'B', 'C' & 'D' Grade Fabrics

Also available by the metre and as 15" square scatter cushions.

  • (B) Charcoal 39021
    (B) Charcoal
(B) Jasper 39058
(B) Jasper
(B) Linen Taupe 39028
(B) Linen Taupe
  • (B) Pebble 39019
    (B) Pebble
  • (B) Slate 39020
    (B) Slate
  • (B) Smooth Beige 39010
    (B) Smooth Beige
  • (B) Smooth Blush 39011
    (B) Smooth Blush
  • (B) Smooth Green 39012
    (B) Smooth Green
  • (B) Texture Beige 39018
    (B) Texture Beige
  • (B) Texture Blue 39017
    (B) Texture Blue
  • (B) Velvet Blue 39014
    (B) Velvet Blue
  • (B) Velvet Blush 39016
    (B) Velvet Blush
  • (B) Velvet Green 39013
    (B) Velvet Green
  • (C) Alpine 39031
    (C) Alpine
  • (C) Arkansas 39077
    (C) Arkansas
  • (C) Athena Check 39067
    (C) Athena Check
  • (C) Athena Plain 39057
    (C) Athena Plain
  • (C) Athena Stripe 39069
    (C) Athena Stripe
  • (C) Blush Tweed 39023 *
    (C) Blush Tweed
  • (C) Dove 39037
    (C) Dove
  • (C) Eco 39033
    (C) Eco
  • (C) Highland 39089 *
    (C) Highland
  • (C) Jasmine 39040
    (C) Jasmine
(C) Loom Stripe 39075
(C) Loom Stripe
  • (C) Oasis 39085
    (C) Oasis
  • (C) Oatmeal 39052
    (C) Oatmeal
  • (C) Pimlico 39064
    (C) Pimlico
(C) Royal Stripe 39079
(C) Royal Stripe
  • (C) Sand 39097 *
    (C) Sand
  • (C) Silver Velour 39025
    (C) Silver Velour
  • (C) Tropical 39029
    (C) Tropical
  • (C) Yang 39082
    (C) Yang
  • (D) Earth Beige 39093
    (D) Earth Beige
  • (D) Earth Grey 39094
    (D) Earth Grey
  • (D) Floral Beige 39090
    (D) Floral Beige
  • (D) Floral Lilac 39087
    (D) Floral Lilac
(D) Jazz Grey 39095
(D) Jazz Grey
  • (D) Mesh Grey 39099
    (D) Mesh Grey
  • (D) Sky Beige 39051
    (D) Sky Beige
  • (D) Sky Grey 39038
    (D) Sky Grey
  • (D) Tulip 39088
    (D) Tulip

If you would like a detailed summary of all of our ranges of furniture, you'll find it here on this page. We also have a marvellous brochure, which is just as informative and will provide you with another excellent opportunity to browse our fantastically varied ranges. On this page, however, we will focus on rattan furniture specifically, and the role it plays within our company, which has been based in Manchester for almost a century now. Our heritage is something we are extremely proud of here at Desser, as you can imagine, as it just shows how committed we have been to the provision of fine furniture for a great many decades.

Rattan is one of the world’s favourite materials when it comes to the manufacture of understatedly luxurious furniture. It has a distinctly exotic look to it, yet it is highly versatile not only in its physical properties, but in the sense that it can look great in pretty much any environment as well. It could be said that here in the United Kingdom rattan is rather synonymous with conservatory furniture, as the conservatory is a feature of a great many houses all across these isles. We get quite a lot of sunshine, but not as much warmth accompanying that - however, a conservatory allows you to enjoy the sunshine from inside your own home. Our aim is to provide homes across the UK with great rattan furniture, whether its intended use is for conservatories specifically, or whether it’s for other parts of the home.

It’s not just in conservatories all over the United Kingdom, of course, where rattan furniture can be found; it is a popular type of furniture all over the world. We believe this is because a well-made piece of furniture is not specific to one country or another - it is an international type of furniture that looks good everywhere.

Rattan And Desser

There are a few reasons we use rattan to make our wonderful furniture here at Desser, besides of course the fact that it looks great. It is a material which has a number of advantages, so it’s one which we believe is a joy to work with in pretty much every way you could think of.

Rattan is a highly flexible and strong material - it can be manipulated well by furniture makers and allows them to be creative with their designs. Despite its immense strength and durability, rattan is a very lightweight material; this is perhaps one of the main reasons it was able to be transported from tropical countries way back in the 1800s (you can find out more further down the page). The lightweight nature of rattan, as you would expect, means that this furniture is also lightweight - put it this way: a rattan armchair is a lot less heavy than your average living room armchair!

We can transport our furniture rather easily due to the fact that it’s never very heavy, and this means that we can move it around without too much difficulty! That said, because it is such a resilient material, the fact that it’s lightweight does not in turn mean that it is flimsy - far from it!

Our rattan is actually sourced all the way from Indonesia, which is the biggest rattan-producing country in the world. We have a superb relationship with our suppliers, from whom we receive the best quality rattan out there - which is of course why we are able to make such stunning and long-lasting furniture with it.

We pay our suppliers a lot of money for their rattan, not only because this allows us to get our hands on the finest rattan the world has to offer, but because we feel it is only right that they are paid good money for their good produce - Fair Trade is something we are extremely passionate about. We make sure that all the furniture we manufacture meets international legislation, and we of course only ever accept the best. You, the customer, pay good money for our furniture because its quality is renowned for being superb - the only way we can ensure that our quality never suffers is by taking extra care in ensuring that each and every piece of furniture we sell is made to the best quality possible.

Desser And The Environment

We are very proud to say that our business operates on a low carbon emission business plan, because we want to make sure that we take care of the environment in every which way we can. We want to be sure that we make as minimal an impact on the environment as we possibly can, so this plan helps us remain focused on our goal of operating in a way which is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Why Rattan Is A Superb Material For Furniture

We are strong believers in functionality here at desserfurniture. Don’t get us wrong - we do believe that form is also a crucial aspect of a piece of furniture (no matter what it is), but without practicality and high quality, it is nothing. Aesthetics are only good when the practicality accompanies it, and this is the case with all of our furniture. Because we use the finest rattan from Indonesia, we are able to create pieces of furniture which perform their function for many years whilst maintaining that great look it had when you bought it.

Not only is rattan furniture light in terms of weight, but in appearance too. Its gorgeously golden colour is a well-known and well-liked trait, and means that it is popular with homeowners of all ages. Though striking in appearance, rattan conservatory furniture is very neutral and will most of the time become an instantly welcomed addition to any home.

You’d be amazed at how much better a piece of rattan furniture can make a room look - especially a conservatory or an orangery. Like many things in life, this furniture looks best with a bit of sunshine beating down on it, and unlike a leather couch or other indoor furniture, it will not become uncomfortably warm or unpleasant to sit on.